Timber Harvesting and Marketing

Extraction of felled timber from a harvesting operation

Making the most of your timber requires an understanding of local and national markets as well as knowledge of efficient methods of harvesting. With increasing legal requirements and a generally slow market, taking sound advice on you timber harvesting has never been more important.



Timber measurement
Compilation of sales particulars
Felling & thinning permissions
Electronic auctions
Work agreements
Contract supervision
Health & safety monitoring
Cash monitoring
Market research

Skidder extraction of timber from a woodland thinning operation

Project Profile:

Balcarres is a traditional mixed estate with a long history of growing quality trees. It boasts fine mixed woodlands and many impressive parkland trees. Eamonn Wall & Co are retained as timber marketing agents for the estate. Maximising revenue for the client involves selling timber into many and varied markets including high grade furniture manufacturers as well as softwood sawn timber, pulpwood, firewood and chockwood markets. Our market knowledge is crucial to maximising returns.
Woodland avenue

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