Pratical Woodland Work


We provide a complete woodland work contract service. Working to agreed budgets and time scales, we will, plan, supervise and complete any tree and woodland work in accordance with health & safety legislation and best forestry practice.

Amenity tree chipping operation in progress

Project Profile:

Douglaston estate is a designed landscape that has suffered half a century of neglect. Its new owners, national leisure company Esporta, commissioned us to produce a management plan for the woods and to carry out the work required to restore the woods to their former glory. This included path construction, planting, rhododendron control, tree surgery, signage, fencing, dyking and hedging.
  Thinning & felling
Restocking & underplanting
Path & road construction
Tree safety works
Litter clearance
Bridges & culverts
Path & ride maintenance
Health & safety management
Fence erection & removal
Habitat improvement
Rhododendron clearance
Signage & interpretation
Benches & picnic tables
Visitor management

Woodland thinning and its benefits

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