Overview of Eamonn Wall and Co

Company Overview

Eamonn Wall & Co, Forestry and Arboricultural Consultants, are a progressive professional practice that undertakes all kinds of consultancy and contracting work in the fields of forestry, woodland design and management, conservation, arboriculture and landscape design.

We provide a complete consultancy, management, contracting and supply service, undertaking the survey, design, planting and management of all kinds of woodlands, tree projects and land use schemes.  We carry out tree surveys and inspections, and provide all kinds of tree advice, including trees and buildings (BS5837).  We work for a broad range of clients, including farmers, land and estate owners, developers, conservation organisations, golf courses, woodland owners, utility companies, quarry and mining firms, architects, land agents, planning consultants, community groups, woodland initiatives and local authorities. The firm regularly undertakes forestry related consultancy, investment,  valuation and GIS mapping projects, writes articles for various publications and often works alongside other professionals.

We are committed to sound ecological woodland management and recognise the importance of woodlands and trees to peoples the world over.
Trees enhance the urban environment

Using trees to create attractive landscapes

Company Philosophy

Potential for woodland expansion and development

To design and manage woodlands in an environmentally sensitive manner which maximises benefits in accordance with the owner's objectives and good ecological practice.

Quality silviculture and arboriculture practised in conjunction with good landscape design, nature conservation, social awareness and strong financial management are the firm's starting points.

"improving the world with trees."

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