Woodland Grant Advice and Applications

Countryside Conservation and Management Grants
Grants for conservation work

Grants and annual payments are usually available from a range of sources for tree planting and woodland management, farm conservation schemes, wood fuel supply chains and both business and domestic wood fuel boilers and infrastructure.  Access to good advice is crucial if grant assistance is to be maximised. Allow us to steer you through the funding maze.

Community Woodland Grant Schemes Grants for community involvement

  We advise on, apply for and secure:

New planting grants
Challenge funds
Restocking grants
Annual management grants
Woodland improvement grants
Farm woodland grants
Community woodland grants
Landfill tax
Carbon trading grants
Countryside Agency grants
Scottish Natural Heritage grants
Local Authority grants
Regional grants
Conservation work grants
Wood fuel grants
Contact us for a copy of our regularly updated grant information sheet.
Project Profile:

In the lead up to their retirement, Jim and Margaret Simpson looked at the option of planting trees on around half their farm. Their land fell within a Challenge fund area and Eamonn Wall & Co were successful in securing them significant top-up grant in addition to the existing Forestry Commission grants. They are now the proud owners of a lovely 34 hectare wood and, as well as the initial cash boost, the Simpsons are looking forward to 15 years of annual payments under the Farm Woodland Premium Scheme.

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